Confused about what night clubs to check out? If so, you are not alone! Atlanta is a melting pot of different cultures and demographics; therefore, deciding which nightlife event you and your friends should attend maybe a bit confusing. The great news is you have found the experts “”!  We will break down where to go each night of the week!


Which night club should I attend? I find that this is one of the biggest concerns for visitors/ tourist when they come to town.  Most people think clubs and lounges cater to the same demographic each night the club is open.  The majority of clubs in Atlanta have different promoters each night which attracts a different atmosphere each night, so don’t waste your stay in Atlanta by going to the right club on the wrong night.

How do I avoid long lines? Atlanta has a number of clubs & lounges which tend to have very long lines especially during special events and on the weekends. The best route to take is to look for a “cut line”.  The cut line is usually double the general admission price; however, some clubs will allow you to Pre-purchase tickets from their website in advance to avoid  standing in long lines.


What is the dress code? Different clubs have different dressed codes, when in doubt play it safe by dressing up.  Shorts, white t-shirts (“white tee’s”) and fitted caps are not allowed in most clubs; however, in some instances a few crisp $100 bills or the purchase of a VIP Table may get you through the door.

Most Atlanta night clubs dress code will tell you that you cannot wear any of the following items listed below unless you are attending day parties and or patio parties:

Baggy Jeans

White T-shirts

Fitted Caps ( wearing a fitted cap in a club that do not allow caps is a power move for some men,  they probably know the owner or purchased a VIP Table.  But to be on the safe side, leave your fitted in the car or bring an extra $20 to wear it).

Shoes: No flip flops or shoes without a strap on the heel (exception day parties).

Shorts, Cut offs Capris, Jerseys, Beanies (exception day parties)

Follow these few rules and you should be able to enter without any problems.


Is it better to purchase a VIP table or just go through the regular entry line? Well, that depends on how many people you have in your party and whether they drink. Purchasing a VIP table usually consist of the club entry fee, liquor/condiments, and a place for your party to sit.  If it’s a holiday or a special guest is preforming, the best thing to do is call a head and check prices and availability.

So you’re planning a night out with friends and you want the best way to navigate the lines.  At large clubs, there are three paths to choose from:  Guest List/General Admission, Advance Purchase, and Tables Reservations.

Guest List– Some clubs have a guest list sign-up on their website; this allows you and a guest free entry up to a certain time, usually 11pm or 12am.  On nights when the club is hosting a celebrity or a holiday event the guest list may not be available.

General Admission– This is the line you enter to  pay the standard price, in most cases its $30-$60. The general admission line will probably move slowly on weekends and during special events.

Advance Purchase– At the high end Atlanta clubs you can go to their website, purchase advance tickets, and not have to wait in the line. (Busy Nights, May still be A Wait)

Table Reservations– Table Reservations is probably the best way to go if you have a party of 4 or more because it allows you to expiate wait time. Each table booking has a minimum spending limit; a set amount of money that must be spent on alcohol and, or food.  In most cases the table fee is the cost of entry for your group, hosted entry, waitress, bottles, mixers, table space, tax and gratuity.  Each club has different table policies so please inquire before booking. (Make sure you ask about Waitress Gratuity)

Booking a table also offers you a personal waitress to help you make drinks, pour shots, refill your mixers, and remove empty glasses.

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