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I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 to pursue my education and to play college football. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree I accepted my first professional job in advertising with a renowned company. The new job was awesome I worked 9 to 5 Monday through Friday which allotted extra free time, so I decided to take on a part time security job for a nightclub.

I have been working in the nightlife industry for over 15 years at some of the most legendary clubs in Atlanta’s history and have learned many things. The main thing I have learned is that Atlanta Nightlife is constantly changing. 

Over the years I have often received some of the same questions from local residents and visitors to Atlanta; “What is the best club in Atlanta? What restaurants are open late night?, Where are the after-hours clubs in Atlanta? Only those individuals who are in the nightlife industry could answer those questions truthfully. This is why I started a true resource website in which readers are able to educate themselves on activities such as; the Best Restaurants, Lounges/Clubs, and Live Entertainment.

My team and I have dedicated ourselves to provide the best and most up to date information possible!



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